Friday, July 20, 2018

CT for BLT Creates and Lys Isange – CU Bunch Vol. 51, 64 & 108 AND Labor Day

I made an animated Labor Day Tag with the Rustic Laundrette, elegant and rotting zen themed kits, CU Bunch Vol. 51, 64 and 108 of BLT Creates.  You can get the Full-size kit from BLT Creates’ store, the CU Bunch Vol. 51, HERE; the Vol. 64, HERE and the Vol. 108, HERE.  Take advantage of the BOGO sale which ends July 21st.  Hurry and get these beauties. 
I paired it with the amazing Labor Day tube of Lys Isange.  You can find this specialized Pinup Holiday tube at Scraps & Co.  Take advantage of the sale and get that tube for $1 while it lasts!

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