CT for LysIsange (Magic Lamp) & BLTDeZignZ (Sultan's Treasure)

CT for LysIsange (Magic Lamp) & BLTDeZignZ (Sultan's Treasure)

This gorgeous and wild, multilayered tube of LysIsange can be bought exclusively at Scraps & Co. It can be used in different themes like Alice in Wonderland, 1001 Arabian nights, magical, or many other themes.

I matched this exotic tube with the amazing Sultan's Treasure kit.  It can be requested exclusively at BLT DeZignZ's fan page ***Two for One Unlimited Deal*** This exclusive deal has been extended!! Don't miss out!!!! You and your significant Scrap Buddy can join together for the 6 month ($25), the Yearly package ($50) - BLT DeZignZ is also adding the Lifetime ($100) which is a first!! You can also by the store for $15.  Hurry up before this event ends. 

Please do not alter or rip the snags. Enjoy!!!

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