CT for Lysisange & MarieL Design - Ariella Under the Sea

CT for Lysisange & MarieL Design - Ariella Under the Sea 

CT for Lysisange & Mariel (Ariella Under the Sea tube and matching kit).  You can get the tube at her blog (Here), Picsfordesigns (Here), Tiny Turtle Designs (Here) and Render Art World (Here).  I used a perfect matching kit that you can request it at Scraps & Co (Here) and Render Art World (Here). 

Please do not alter or rip the snags. Enjoy!!!


  1. Gorgeous snags.Thank you so much for the beautiful mermaids.

  2. Stunning snags tyvm beautiful love them snagged

  3. so love these :) snagged this stunning beauty <3 tysvm