Saturday, January 27, 2018

Cluster and CT for BLT Creates and Lys Isange – Café Latte & Coffee Break

I made a set (Timeline and Profile) with the Coffee Shop themed kit, Café Latte.  You can get the Full-size kit from BLT Creates’ store.  Become a member of her Fan Group and get a coupon to buy it for $1 only!  You can also get the kit as a tagger size from PFD.  

I paired it with the amazing Coffee Break tube of Lys Isange.  You can find this multi layered tube at Picsfor Designs.

CT for MarieL Designs – Wonderland CU Mix & Alice

This gorgeous kit, Wonderland is a CU mix that can be used for the Alice in Wonderland themes.  It has 15 elements, 2 frames and 3 coordinating papers. You can get this gorgeous kit at Daelmans StoresRenderArt World and Pics for Designs.  I used the two Lady Mishka (Alice and the Cat elements) and paired them with another MarieL Designs kit called Alice.  This kit is an exclusive for Scraps & Co.  It comes with 86 elements, 8 frames and 8 coordinating papers.
I made a set with these products (Timeline, Profile and Tags).

Saturday, January 20, 2018

CT for Foxys Designz (IB-Destiny Lauritsen - Jan 2018)

I made a set (Timeline and Profile) with the cute as a button IB-Destiny Lauritsen - Jan 2018 kit of Foxy’s Designz.  It’s inspired by Destiny Lauritsen tube (Tube not included in the kit). This kit has 20 elements, 3 frames, 6 coordinating papers, and 1 Word Art.  You can request this kit exclusively at CDO. You can also be redirected to the store when you visit her blog.

CT for LysIsange and A Lil Mz’s Brainstorm – Mandy + York CU

I made a set (Profile, Timeline and Tag) with this tube and kit. I also added a Lys Isange’s York Pack 2 CU tube that fits perfectly with this set.  You can get this gorgeous, love themed “Mandy” ’s LysIsange tube exclusively at her store. You can also get the York Pack 2 CU exclusively at her store as well.
I used the ravishing matching kit of Lil Mz’s Brainstorms’ “Mandy”.  This personal use scrapkit contains 100 elements and 15 coordinating papers. You can request it exclusively at her store!  If you buy it today, you can take advantage of the limited time discounted rate of 88 cents.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

CT for MarieL Designs (Best Wishes)-Collab

I made a tag with MarieL’s tube (Best wishes) and QTSQ kit (New Year Gala).
And on this weekend, You can get this MarieL Designs' gorgeous and sexy Best Wishes tube exclusively, at Scraps & Co Collab event, 2017 New Year Party with 15 other kits/tubes for FREE when you buy $10 from the store.
I used MarieL Designs Best Wishes tubewhich comes in 3 colors and you can get it exclusively at Scraps & Co with 15 other kits/tubes for FREE when you buy $10 from the store.

CT for Foxys Designz – IB - Anna Marine - Jan 2018

This gorgeous romantic Foxys Designz' Tagger Size kit is Inspired By Anna Marine - Jan 2018 tube.  Tube not included with kit.  I made a set consisting of a Profile, a Timeline and a Tag.  The kit has 20 gorgeous elements, 3 frames, 6 coordinating papers and 1 Wordart. You can request this gorgeous kit exclusively at CDO Store. You can also check Foxy’s Blog for the kits. 

CT for BLT Creates – Rustic Aviary

Gorgeous new Rusti Aviary kit for BLT Creates. This is a freebie!  BLT Creates offers a freebie every first Friday of the month, #FirstFridayFreebie.  It is available exclusively for BLT Creates' fans at her Facebook Fan Group.
Unlimited specials are relaunching. And all BLT's kits are available to the Fan members for $1 with coupon available ONLY at her Fans Group.